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Tyler Mylin

Founder & CEO

As a native of a farming community in Wabash, IN, I grew up watching family and friends work countless hours in the fields. I knew one day there’d be a way for me to use my skillset and corporate experiences in technology and IT to make a difference in the lives of those farmers I admired so much.

I believe drones are just the beginning of the technology revolution for the agriculture industry. It is both a joy and a privilege to serve families and farming communities with this amazing new paradigm of drone technology and data at our disposal.


RJ Wachs

VP Of Marketing

I’m driven to tell the stories of the people we serve.

We’re not just a service provider. I believe Dronescape has a responsibility to help bridge the generational and cultural gaps that create so many misconceptions about farming and the farmers themselves. My job is to educate our audience about the realities, challenges, and successes of the modern grower.

WHAT we do, is not nearly as important as WHY we do it.