Farming Done From Above




Our mission is to empower and enable hard-working agriculture businesses, both large and small.

By leveraging paradigm-shifting drone technology, we’re able to help speed up diagnosis and application, conserve money and resources by vastly reducing waste, and provide growers more control and decision-making data than ever before. 


Our goal is simple; to set fire to the status quo. Antiquated pesticide and herbicide application methods are inherently wasteful and inefficient. We know drone-based technology is the future and we’re helping farmers and growers to see the benefits of it on their crops like never before.

Not only are we able to save time and money for our clients with vastly superior application techniques, but we’re able to help customize a long-term strategy for implementing drones in your yearly planning. From software to hardware, our goal is to help demystify drone technology and get clients excited about where it could take their crops.


“Farmers leveraging Drones as a Service to enhance crop scouting could see an ROI of as much as $12 per acre for corn, $2.60 per acre for soybeans, and $2.30 per acre for wheat.”

american farm bureau federation study



Dronescape was founded in 2018 by Wabash, IN native Tyler Mylin.

After spending time on a family farm, he observed a persistent problem. Farmers spend an inherent amount of time consumed by procuring, applying, and analyzing the chemicals placed on their crops.

Backed by a firm belief that technology can always provide the solution to a problem, he set out to question the status quo, and re-imagine the application process from scratch. Before long, Dronescape was born out of the sole drive to serve farmers and growers, to improve their quality of life as much as their yield.